Further Training

Practical training placements and trainee positions

A key focus for the association “Qualitätssprachendienste Deutschlands (QSD) e.V.”, founded in 1998, is the promotion of quality and professionalism in translation work. To realise these objectives, one of the measures the association takes is to provide further training opportunities for translators.

QSD members, who all possess many years of experience in the field of specialist translation and who number amongst their clients many large and medium-sized companies from commerce and industry, are seeking to make an important contribution to the training of translators in universities both within and outside Germany by offering these placements.

The contribution, depending on the size of the company, consists of a two- to six-month practical training placement for students or a six-month trainee position for graduates from universities and training institutes for translators. The practical training placements and training positions initially involve an introduction to the company organisation, the company philosophy and the quality management system, which operates in accordance with the current standards, and extends to all aspects of translation work in a translation company.

Apart from experience in working with the most commonly-used hardware and software in the fields of language and planning and control, provision is also made, depending on the duration of the placement, for an introduction to all aspects of handling orders. The focus of the practical training placement or trainee programme is on showing translation students or graduates practical translation activities in a translation company with quality management, and thus supplementing the academic basis. In addition, practical work in a translation company helps young talent in making a decision on the direction of their future career.

Recommendations in terms of content:

  • Introduction to translations of different types of text and/or localisation tasks
  • Familiarisation with proofing and the use of translation tools and other programmes that support translation work
  • Providing commentaries on proof-reading work, and revising translations
  • Support from experienced translators who check and discuss all completed work
  • Basics of project management
  • Entitlement to a reference

QSD member companies offer placement students and trainees appropriate remuneration and meet the statutory provisions for payment of the minimum wage.

Applications for practical training placements and trainee positions may be made directly to the association members listed below, who offer practical training placements in their companies.

List of QSD members who offer practical training placements and trainee positions