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Providing assistance with the foundation of national associations for translation companies

The multilingual website, multilingual operating instructions, or an international conference – anyone who works internationally needs a range of support in relation to languages. Finding the right service provider isn’t always easy. The host of providers is great, but who can say in advance whether the quality of the service will be good or not? In the following, QSD has compiled initial information for companies looking for a suitable language service provider.

  • Basically, it can be said that the professional titles of translator and interpreter are not protected in Germany. Companies should therefore only work together with providers who can produce evidence of being qualified for the profession and have professional experience.
  • If translations into several languages and extensive projects are involved, companies need reliable partners with proven qualifications who are able to work quickly and in several languages. A quality assurance process should also be provided.
  • The translation companies should have quality assurance systems so that they can assure the quality of the services. A sign of this, for example, is certification according to DIN EN ISO 17100 and DIN EN ISO 9001.
  • Technology, commerce or marketing? Anyone who operates in a specific sector should look out for a service provide with experience in that area or, better still, who specialises in that field.
  • It can be helpful for some language services if the provider is located nearby and available to meet in person. This can be the case with complex products and their translation, and in the implementation of extensive translation processes.
  • It is advantageous if the language service provider works with a fixed and experienced team of interpreters and translators. Clients thus have the guarantee that translations are linguistically consistent even over a longer period and several projects.
  • It is a sign of quality when the language services provider ask a series of detailed questions on the translation project beforehand.

This summary provides initial information for interested clients and is not exhaustive. Please feel free to contact one of the QSD members directly and obtain advice without any obligation on what is the right track for your translation job. The list of members can be found on this website under “QSD members”.