Frequently asked questions

Why should I become a member of QSD?

There are many good reasons:

    • QSD, as the German member of the EUATC (European Union of Associations of Translation Companies), plays an important role in the discussions and decision-making processes affecting the European translation industry. As a QSD member, you receive first-hand information about legal and economic developments in the European translation industry.
    • QSD focuses on professionalism and the highest quality standards for translation services. The certification requirements for members are correspondingly high. The QSD symbol is therefore a distinction which sets QSD members apart from other competing companies, also in the eyes of clients.
  • The PR activities and the QSD presence both in the German and the international market, assist each individual QSD member in their own search for additional business.
  • QSD maintains close links with the other European national associations and their members within EUATC. QSD members stand to gain from this cooperative relationship when handling large multilingual translation projects.
  • At QSD, the exchange of information and joint development of strategy regarding issues of quality assurance and optimisation of work processes are key areas where members benefit directly.
  • Through its policies and its links with other professional associations, QSD seeks to bring about an improvement in relations between translation companies and freelance translators. The QSD symbol gives a clear signal and promotes co-operation with freelancers in a spirit of partnership.
  • QSD challenges false preconceptions and promotes the development of the next generation of translators by providing practical training placements and trainee positions for translators at the business premises of QSD members. All QSD members can participate in these programmes.
  • QSD members actively share information on best practices in everyday translation, company and management life.
  • Through targeted PR activities, QSD is raising the status of the translation profession in the eyes of the public, and thus improving the image of its members and of translators generally.
  • QSD organises and participates in events, and also takes part in events, such as congresses, symposiums, seminars and workshops, from which QSD members can derive immediate benefit.

What does QSD membership cost?

QSD membership entains a one-off charge of EUR250.00. This includes the QSD audit and the issuing of a membership certificate.

The annual fee for full membership is EUR800.00.

The same fees also apply for probationary membership. The one-off charge for membership is not due until the probationary membership is converted to full membership or the option of the QSD audit is taken up during probationary membership. Should the aspirant member wish to cancel its membership before the probationary membership expires, the annual membership fee will be refunded in proportion to the remaining (full) months.

Are there any concrete financial advantages in addition to the benefits mentioned above?

QSD has signed contracts with several suppliers, which allow QSD members to make purchases directly at reduced rates. Furthermore, there is also the possibility of centralised buying by all or several members in order to obtain special conditions.

The costs of seminars, workshops, etc., are subsidised by QSD, thereby allowing all QSD members to participate at extremely favourable prices.