Europe-wide promotion of quality in translation

As an association, QSD is an active member of EUATC (European Union of Associations of Translation Companies). EUATC acts as an international representative of quality-oriented translation companies in Europe. It was founded in 1994 and to this day it remains a unique organisation at the European level. Its members are national associations of translation companies from various European countries. In the meantime, almost all member states of the European Union are represented. QSD is, of course, also a member of EUATC. As an international organisation, EUATC is an eminently suitable forum for the European translation sector. Strengthened representation of interests and the creation of a lobby for all issues affecting the translation industry are just two of the resulting advantages.

EUATC is a body recognised by the European Commission in Brussels. This status enables it to exert a positive influence on European politics and the relevant decision-making processes. In this context, EUATC also advises important international institutions.

Objectives of EUATC:

  • Providing clients with professional information and consulting on the benefits of working together with recognised translation companies

  • Boosting the conscious demand for high-quality translations on the European market

  • Promoting collaboration with freelance translators with the aim of achieving smooth processes and good working relationships

  • Creating a strong, uniform mouthpiece for the translation companies towards government bodies and other institutions in Europe

  • Providing assistance with the foundation of national associations for translation companies