Application for QSD membership

    1.Organisational structure

    Name of the company:

    Address line 1:

    Address line 2:

    Postal code/City:





    Mobile phone:


    Year founded:


    Legal form:

    Office space

    Own office:Shared office:

    Number of work stations:

    Meeting/ conference rooms:

    Daily office hours:

    Company holidays (weeks/year):

    2.Professional competence

    Degree/occupational title of the owner/manager:

    Member of a professional organisation


    Professional qualification of the employees:

    3.Service offerings

    Source/target languages

    for translationsfor interpretingEU languagesEast European languagesFar Eastern languages

    Others (please use ISO abbreviations):

    Additional services

    DTPInternet publishingTerminology mngmnt


    4.Quality standard

    The company is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

    Reg. No.:

    Name of the certifying body:

    Valid until:

    The company is not yet certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and commits itself to obtaining the certification within one year of becoming a member of QSD. Alternatively, evidence of a quality management system can be provided through the QSD quality audit. Should this not be possible at the time of the application, the company can first apply for a probationary membership of up to 1 year and then undergo certification either by an official certifying body or through the QSD audit within that year.

    A copy of the certification certificate is to be provided.
    If nonexistent, describe the existing QM system by means of a chart, provide evidence of preparatory measures, fill in the QSD check list.

    5.Size of the company

    The company achieves an annual revenue of more than 500,000 euros.The company achieves an annual revenue of less than 500,000 euros.

    Number of employees:





    commercial staff:

    commercial staff:

    DTP/other services:

    DTP/other services:

    6.Occupational behaviour

    The owner or each of the partners declare on their honour that they have an insolvency-free history in the industry.

    The owner or each of the partners commit themselves to fairness towards customers, competitors, employees and freelancers.

    7.Supporting QSD

    Use of the QSD logo is recommended. The company is entitled to refer to its membership and use the QSD logo in house advertising and on company documents.

    We hereby declare that all the information provided is in accordance with the actual circumstances of our company and commit ourselves to providing the necessary evidence upon request if necessary.

    Place, date:

    Legally binding signature: