The name “QSD” stands for “Qualitätssprachendienste Deutschlands e. V.”, in other words, quality language services, which says it all. It already encompasses the original idea of the association, namely to stand for and advocate quality.

Quality is the be all and end all for the association and its members. The term “quality” goes hand in hand for QSD with the service concept. For QSD members, the service approach in translation and interpreting means constantly focusing on customer benefit and customer satisfaction. Alongside the central element of translation, which goes through a differing number of quality assurance steps depending on the intended use, factors such as professional communication, consulting, strict adherence to deadlines and availability are also a sign of quality.

Being able to work with state-of-the-art software and text formats is a given in the translating profession and hence for QSD members and their employees. The service provider teams must be excellently trained both in terms of language and technology. The QSD therefore promotes further training in all phases of working life.

QSD’s objectives

To promote the quality and professionalism of translation work by:

  • Quality management and training offerings for members
  • Respecting quality standards for translation companies
  • Improving relations between freelance translators and translation companies
  • Collaborating with other associations
  • Co-operating in the field of specialist translation at German and European levels
  • Improving the image of the translation sector and its services by providing information and conducting PR activities
  • Providing effective economic and political representation on relevant bodies at national and international level
  • Promoting young talent through practical training placements and trainee positions
  • PR activities on the importance of the language service industry, the meaning of quality for international communication, and the significance of the industry for the success of German companies worldwide.
  • Providing clients with professional information and consulting on the benefits of working together with recognised translation companies (from: EUATC goals)
  • Boosting the conscious demand for high-quality translations on the European market